Studio B Interior Design

"If you buy something you love, you'll find a place for it." - Kay Wiegand

Although Betsy established Studio B in 2011, its roots are over 40 years old. In 1977, Kay Wiegand, Betsy's mother, started a design firm working from her home. Childhood served as on the job training, exposing Betsy to all of the things she's come to love and appreciate about design. 

After earning a Master’s degree in counseling psychology and practicing for several years, Betsy made the decision to transition to interior design partnering with Kay in 2001.  A successful mother-daughter team was formed.

When a devastating electrical fire destroyed their family home and Kay retired soon after, Betsy forged ahead. In 2011, she rented office space in Sewickley, rebranded the company name to Studio B, and her unique design studio concept flourished.

Studio B purchased and renovated a building in 2016 adding a showroom space for furniture, rugs, and accessories.

Studio B now has clients throughout Pittsburgh, as well as, California, Chicago, Florida, Maine, Ohio, Canada, and London.