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The Sewickley location boasts beautiful gardens and waterfalls surrounding the charming 120 year old Victorian home. The grounds are a welcoming respite to the chaos of everyday life. A private parking lot is very convient  for our guests. Sewickley has been a destination for those who enjoy a gracious lifestyle since the 1800's. The "village" as locals refer to their community, offers many fine restaurants, art galleries, clothing boutiques, and historic homes. Everyday guests come from local areas as well as Ohio, West Virginia, and Northwesternm Pennsylvania for luxury spa treatments. So whether your looking to visit Sewickley or a current "villager", come in and let us spoil you. Check out our website for products, services, and more locations outside Sewickley. The Sewickley Spa Atmosphere and family ties prompted Dorothy Andreas Tuel to buy a house on Beaver Street 14 years ago and turn it into a spa.  With an eye toward keeping the history and style of the home intact, 2 crews worked around the clock for 7 months to turn the beautiful village home into a peaceful spa atmosphere.  Everyone told Ms. Tuel that there was no market for a spa in Pittsburgh, yet on opening day in 1998 there were over 400 appointments scheduled.  It is easy to see why; with gorgeous accommodations and quiet corners tucked away for private services this charming location is the perfect place for relaxation.  Clients come from all over this state as well as West Virginia and Ohio.  Not only has the Sewickley Spa been featured in many articles, but the business model is so strong, they have actually had articles published about offering exclusive services, branding, strong business models and more.  You will be in good hands as the therapists have performed over 80,000 massages in Sewickley.  Recently the recipient of their 50th “Best Day Spa” award by readers of various publications, the Sewickley Spa is clearly a destination spot. A great special or package deal can almost always be found.  Currently the most popular is “Get Your Tan On”, which includes an exfoliating Sea Salt Glo treatment, a Spray-on Tanner, and a take-home tanner for touch-ups.  This is a $205 value, is available now for $95. In addition to the amazing services you can also purchase fantastic skincare.  The Spa is changing over to a new line called Comfort Zone at the end of May.  In the 1990’s Tuel was the original importer/distributor for Comfort Zone and spent time in Parma, Italy working with the Chemists on the formulations.  The ingredients they use are far superior to anything currently available in the US market today.  When Tuel realized it was time for a change, she researched many lines and ingredients, and found nothing that could compare to this line. While traveling be sure to check out The Sewickley Spa in Ligonier or The Wisp Resort in Deep Creek, Maryland.


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