Sewickley Rug Cleaners

An old-fashioned, quality cleaning company, Sewickley Rug Cleaners in Sewickley, Pennsylvania, is committed to meeting your rug, upholstery, and carpet cleaning needs. Whether you need to deep clean your wall-to-wall carpet or need to clean and deodorize, we have the tools needed to get the job done right the first time.

Sewickley Rug Cleaners has been in business since 1951. Joe Masterani, owner, grew up in the rug cleaning business and has carried on the family tradition since 1984. He stresses the importance of customer satisfaction through personalized service. 

You won’t deal with several different people at Sewickley Rug Cleaners. Throughout the entire process, you’ll deal personally with the owner. This is just one of the timeless traditions that has allowed Sewickley Rug Cleaners to continue to operate a successful carpet cleaning business all these years. 

Nothing accents the fresh look of a room like clean carpets.

Many people hesitate calling a carpet cleaning service because the estimated price ends up being higher when the job is finished. That’s why our customers appreciate the honest service at Sewickley Rug Cleaners. Personal service and dedication to our customers is always a top priority! There are no hidden costs to surprise you when the job is completed. One price includes pre-spotting, scrubbing, extracting and brushing.

Commercial rug cleaning appointments can be scheduled during off hours to avoid an inconvenience to customers. Overnight drying time allows businesses to continue as usual the next day.

At Sewickley Rug Cleaners, “Over 60 years means quality service” for more information or to schedule an appointment call Joe today!


Monday - Friday (no set hours) 

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