Consign Sewickley

We are a personalized shopping experience, like being in your stylish girlfriend's closet. A touch and feel of luxury that makes you want to return. Our hope is that with excellent customer service and a cool, fun vibe you will enjoy both selling your less-loved items with us and find a unique piece or two that you would otherwise not have the chance to see, touch, and feel.

At Consign Sewickleyour goal is to sell your items at the highest possible price within the first 30 days. We maximize your and our return by setting prices according to designer, type, age, and condition. We require clothing to be especially clean. This means free of stains and odors. Dry cleaning is highly recommended. We will provide you with a stylish bag to keep in your closet to remind you to bring your less-loved items to us.


Monday & Tuesday : appointment only

Wednesday, Thursday, Friday & Saturday: 10 - 5